National Cream Tea Day Friday 30th June 2017

A day to treat yourself to scrumptious scones, delicious, fruity jam and lashings of clotted cream.

Cream Teas are often seen as the ultimate holiday treat or a time to get together with family or friends.  An occasion to bring out the china or visit one of the West Country’s many tea shops, hotels or farm shops to indulge in a treat to be shared.

When and Where did it all begin?

Historians have discovered manuscripts saying the monks of Tavistock’s Benedictine Abbey created a dish of bread, jam and clotted cream in 1105 to reward workers who helped to restore the building after it was damaged by Vikings in 997AD.

Cream first or Jam first?

A questions which can cause much controversy, the difference between a Devon Cream Tea and a cream tea from Cornwall is how they are put together.

They both have a scone divided into two halves, jam (usually Strawberry jam) and clotted cream.  A Devon tea has cream first then jam.  In Cornwall, they have jam first followed by the cream.

Does it matter?  We prefer the lashings of clotted cream first and jam on top and after all we do live in Devon.

Whether it makes a difference to the taste – you decide, we are sure you will enjoy deciding!

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